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Common Resident Concerns & Questions

Reasons to Contact Property Management Company

Please contact CAS, the community's association management company, to address the following concerns.

Email or (919) 403-1400 Ext 1204 

  • submit architectural review documents

  • appearance of houses, garages

  • lack of mowing, or other landscaping issues

  • encroachment, parking, and other vehicle issues

  • lack of maintenance, or other curb appeal issues

  • landscaping and landscaping company concerns

  • pool functions, access, attendees, maintenance, and problems

  • playground concerns

  • ALSO, please share info. on any quality of life concern submitted to police or animal control so occurances are documented

Reasons to Contact HOA Board

Links to all HOA documents appear on our home page but please contact the HOA to address the following concerns or questions.

  • clarification of HOA documents, rules, procedures

  • volunteer for committees, board seats, and other participation

  • suggestions for community events, improvements

  • to SHARE a recent problem you called the police or fire department for; so the HOA is aware of the problem and can share with the community if needed

Noise & Pet Concerns

For animal and noise complaints, Please FIRST contact the following entities, but also share your concern with CAS Property Management via email to so all problems are documented.

Town of Morrisville Police
- barking dogs, resident noise (919) 829-1911
(officer will respond and investigate) or use Morrisville's Request Tracker 


Wake County Animal Control - pet waste offenders, loose animals, cruelty concerns (919) 856-6911

Items that Require HOA Board Permission

This is not an exhaustive list, and Homeowners are required to review the appropriate community documents for details, however below are a few of the most common reasons you would submit an architectural review form or need permission from the HOA and possibly your neighbors.
  • Removal, addition, or changes to trees, shrubs 3' tall or greater, percentage of grass, landscaping, and hardscaping
  • Removal, addition, or changes to lighting, sidewalks, driveways, parking pads, drainage, irrigation, walls, fences
  • Changes in exterior colors, materials used on home, or decorative construction
  • Addition of playsets, gardens, gravel, pathways, yard art
  • Building or removing additions, patios, porches, screened rooms, sunrooms
  • Parking in the pool parking lot overnight



Additional FAQ


How can the HOA and property management company help if I have a problem with a neighbor or in the community?


The HOA and property management company work together to resolve issues, keep up the standards of curb appeal in the community, and assist residents with a variety of other issues.


When are Savannah HOA Board Meetings?

The Savannah Annual Meeting is held each year the month of August. That meeting is focused on electing officers. A quorum of homeowners is needed to make the meeting official so homeowners are encouraged to attend in person or sign a proxy form and delegate who can vote on their behalf for the HOA Board of Directors election and any proposals. Other meetings are held quarterly.
Check the calendar page to see upcoming events.

Do I need my neighbors approval for my Architectural Review Committee Request?

Neighbors should be informed of yard and landscape improvements. Depending on your project, the short term noise, foot traffic and materials impact your neighbors and possibly their safety. Neighbors should also be aware of the long term impact of your improvement such as  a change in view, privacy, drainage, and other concerns. The ARC request form is usually forwarded to neighbors for acknowledgement signatures, then reviewed for alignment with community standards by the Board.


Where can I find things like contractor suggestions, babysitters, or other community-centric information?


Residents will find a bounty of tips, resources, examples of property improvements, and an active communication stream between residents on the community facebook page. Please visit Savannah HOA Morrisville Facebook to join.

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